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“My daughter is my motivation” Erin's Story

Our friend Erin tells how a baby girl changed her life forever, giving her the inspiration and strength to continue her education and push forward to new goals. In her words, it’s “the best experience of my life.”



“When I saw I was pregnant, I was scared and nervous, with nowhere to turn. I couldn’t even open up to my boyfriend right away to tell him. Because it was just one of those moments where my heart dropped.

But I was happy. But, at the same time, nobody really cared except for him. And then, when I was in a shelter, I felt like I was alone. Nobody was there… until my case worker there put me through to the Pregnancy Care Centre and I came here.

But now that I have my daughter, it’s the best experience in the world, because I got to grow with her as a person. She’s my motivation. She’s helped me see the light that made me graduate. I graduate in February and am going off to nursing to give her a better life.

It can be stressful – sometimes she doesn’t sleep until 3 am. But it’s all worth it.

I am overjoyed with her. If it wasn’t for her, I honestly don’t know where I’d be right now. I probably wouldn’t have got my education, which I wanted to but I just didn’t have the motivation. It’s hard going to school, managing a child, doing it on your own. But my boyfriend – now fiancé – is pretty amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world.

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