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Be a Friend, Save a Life

For Susan (names changed for privacy), the year 2012 rolled in during a period of deep darkness. She was trapped in a destructive lifestyle, was surrounded by people who influenced her for the worst, and felt alone, hopeless and unable to get out of her lifestyle. Yet despite the deep darkness, there were a few healthy influences in her life.

Devoted friend and former boyfriend Jack was one such influence. Since first meeting in grade 10, the two had been inseparable, sharing experiences both big and small together. After graduation their lifestyles began to diverge, and the two stopped dating but kept in contact with each other. She would call Jack and confide in him.

In the midst of this brokenness came the realization that she was pregnant. When she broke the news to her child’s father that he was now a dad, abortion became a tempting solution to their mess. The couple booked an appointment at an abortion clinic, but didn’t go through with it during the first visit. They missed the second appointment altogether, and a third date was set. 

The Sunday before the scheduled abortion she went to church and saw Jack again. Susan recalled his compassion and encouragement. “He felt for me in that situation.  All he could say was, "just depend on God. I don’t think you should get an abortion.” It was then that what she felt in her heart was confirmed: she wanted to keep her child, and she was able to. 

She found an apartment, got a job and began to reconnect with wholesome friends. Yet only a month after procuring the job, working conditions went sour and she was asked to leave. Once again, the situation looked incredibly bleak – how was she to pay rent and support herself, let alone a baby? 

Despite the uncertainty, everything just “worked out.” Government assistance covered most of the rent. Her dear friend Jack was a constant support, spiritually, emotionally and financially. A friend connected Susan to the Pregnancy Care Centre, and they also contributed to her support. She came in regularly to plan for the baby’s arrival, reflect on her past, be encouraged through prayer and receive baby items.

“PCC was such a huge part of my life when I was so unsure of everything, and facing a whole bunch of questions.  As I started coming in more, I felt a burden slowly being lifted from me. Although the problems were still there and I was still facing the same stress, God was making me look at the situation differently.”

A new year arrived, and so did a beautiful baby girl. Throughout this time, Susan and Jack rekindled their relationship, and were married in the summer. Joy and gratitude flow as Susan speaks of her loving husband and beautiful child. “She’s the best thing. I don’t know what my life would be like if she wasn’t here.” 

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