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“Thank You For Taking Care of My World”

A beautiful adoption story. Sarah reminds us that it's always a choice to find a loving home for your baby. She tells her own story…


So, how I honestly found out that I was pregnant? I was lying on the couch and I felt… a kick! It was St. Patty’s day weekend and I was with the father – with Blake’s family. I turned to Blake and said “put your hand on my stomach,” and he just looked at me and said “why?!” He felt it, and he said “I don’t know what to do!” And I said “neither do I.”

And so, to be honest, I kept it a secret for at least two weeks, just between the two of us. It got pretty hazy, we got pretty mad at each other. So after the two weeks I said, “OK, I have to start thinking on my own.” He wanted to be a family, he did.

I just said “I’m in grade 12: I want to go to school, I want to do this right. So I’m not going to do this –I’m going to find a family that’s going to take care of him and be there for him, so that I can grow up a little bit, find someone that I actually want to start a family with… and just start right so that me and the baby can both have a fresh start.”

Sarah Met with the Adoptive Parents, Crystal & Brandon

So [Crystal] became my best friend, before she even asked about if I was OK with everything… if it was going to be an open or closed [adoption.] Brandon was just happy. He’s very quiet, Crystal said, so he didn’t say much. He just said “thank you” and hugged me. They were very loving about it.

Baby Gryffin was born in June

I went down, I held him, I changed his diaper. Crystal just said, “You don’t have to say goodbye to him. Just say ‘I’ll see you later.’” I said to her, “Thank you for taking care of my world.” And she said, “Thank you for giving me my world!”

He’s happy! And he’s safe. And one day I can turn to him and say, “I loved you and I wanted the best for you… And I will still give you anything! But that was the best decision I ever made.” 

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