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After Abortion a Man's Perspective

Luke reflects on the long-term effects of his girlfriend & his decision to abort.
(Video, audio and name have been changed to protect privacy)

Months after last seeing his girlfriend, "Luke" found out she was pregnant. He tells his own story:

I only thought “abortion,” and I am trying to remember why I only thought “abortion.” It was just that I guess in today’s day and age, it’s not really taboo, or it’s not really thought of as an overly negative thing. It’s kind of for correcting your mistakes, if you will, just a little bit later in the process. So it’s easy I guess, easier than the other options… too easy.

That’s one of the biggest things to know, it’s that, yeah, it’s easy, especially for the guy. It’s easy because there’s is no actual surgery performed [on him] for one thing. But it’s easy because, well, you’re thinking about the bad things that would happen to you immediately if you went ahead and had a kid especially at a young age. But then you pay absolutely no mind and don’t think about how it will make you feel further down the road. And for me, it happened many years later, maybe five or even more years later. I suddenly had like a panic attack, a nervous breakdown… I couldn’t get it out of my head, and it was bothering me so much.

What did that feel like?

Guilt I would say. I felt massive guilt.

I’m trying to help people by doing something like this. And If I prevent some people or make them think twice about having an abortion, then I’ve kind of made up for what I’ve done. So the mission continues I guess.

What do you wish you had known?

Well, two things. One would be how badly I would feel five years later, and it wouldn’t just be how I felt one day later or even one year.

I wish I had known how badly it would eventually make me feel, for one. And the second thing is that knowledge of the process of how a baby is formed – I wish I had known that for sure! So, I wish there’s been more knowledge, and I guess the support available too, like this organization.

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