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A lifeline when I was drowning in guilt

I made the worst decision in my entire life – to terminate my pregnancy – because I felt I couldn’t cope. That was more than six years ago, and I am still dealing with the pain and grief of never seeing my baby again on this side of heaven.

At the time, I turned to many people for support, including my husband, parents, a public community nurse, and my family doctor. Yet not one of them supported my desire to keep my baby. If even one of them had directed me to seek pregnancy support with an organization like Pregnancy Care Centre, I know in my heart that I would have kept my child.

Instead, everyone fed my fears. They reinforced the lie that the fetus was simply tissue that could be surgically removed without any lasting consequences.

God directed me to the Pregnancy Care Centre at such a dark time in my life. Over many months they patiently listened to me, counseled me and prayed with me. They helped me understand what I had really done on an emotional, and more importantly, a spiritual level.

At a time when I was full of guilt and shame, they led me through a Bible study that helped me understand God’s forgiveness and how to work through the intense grief. They kept showing me God’s love and forgiveness, giving me hope that there is a road to healing.

I really appreciated when the Pregnancy Care Centre organized a memorial service for women suffering from post-abortion trauma. Together with my husband, we were able to recognize the baby we had lost and express our thoughts to our child in heaven. A local minister, who was supportive of the Pregnancy Care Centre’s work, gave a powerful devotional that touched all of our hearts.

The Pregnancy Care Centre was a lifeline when I felt I was drowning in guilt and grief. They shared God’s love and truth when no one else would. Thank you and may God continue to bless the powerful work you are doing.

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