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At the crossroads of brokenness & unhappiness, Jesus met me Moyena tells of her experiences with abortion

Born in Guyana, Moyena Kamphuis worships at Morningstar Christian Fellowship in Scarborough.  She tells her full story in the book, God’s Infinitesimal Blessings.

When I was a young woman in my late teens I fell in love with the boy next door.  We became sexually active; at 19 we became engaged to be married.  To my horror – yes, horror – I became pregnant.  I lived in a YWCA hostel for women.  I had a job and my fiancée suggested, or rather forced me to have an abortion.  I reluctantly agreed because I had no family to turn to for support.

This was in the late 1950s, so I went to a midwife who inserted a catheter and sent me home.  My fiancé took me to a home and left me there.  I was in a room all by myself.  There was an altar in the adjoining room and in my pain and anguish I went in and knelt down and cried out to God.  The pain was excruciating, and after many long hours of suffering I aborted my baby boy.  He was so tiny, so delicate and so innocent.  My heart broke when I saw him.  Yes, he might have become a great man or a lowly carpenter like my Jesus. Our blessed Lord Jesus heard me and saw me through but I was never to forget this experience.

I married and have two children, grown now.  But I always carried the image of that tiny baby in my heart.  And even now as I write, the tears are flowing.

Because of this episode, the road I went down caused me much grief later in life.  I had another abortion, this time in a Toronto hospital. I’d had an affair with another man – this man was a smooth-talking home destroyer and he wanted me to have his child.  I felt I had to choose between this pregnancy and my two children & husband.  Years later, our loving and forgiving Saviour Jesus met me at the crossroads of my brokenness and unhappy life.  He so compassionately took away all my guilt and shame and I feel cleansed throughout my entire being.

I had everything – a nice home, two beautiful children, a loving and kind husband who never brought up the subject in all the 51 years we were married.  He forgave me, took me back and loved me even more.  So this is a redemption story by Jesus, our loving Saviour and from my husband and children.

As long as I live, I will remember these children.  Their names are written in my heart and I know that I am sure I will meet them in heaven.

Thank you for reading.  Please, please seek help before you abort.

~ Moyena

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