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Adoption, from two sides of the story Emily's Story, Part I

Emily describes her life growing up in an adoptive family, and why she chose adoption for her daughter. She worked with JFJ Hope Centre to find a loving home for the baby.

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Emily tells her own story:

So yes, there was another woman out there who just loved me and made an adoption plan for me.  And to me growing up, that was just very normal. You know, I think I look like my adoptive family and I’ve picked up the same mannerisms that my family has. I don’t think I ever had a moment where I felt like someone didn’t want me, because I felt so loved by so many people.

At 15, Emily became pregnant

I think I was so young that I didn’t even consider that maybe I could be pregnant. I was three and a half months along when I found out.

I had already met the adoptive couple beforehand and I kind of met them to keep everybody happy.  I remember saying to them “Well, if it’s not me it’ll be you,” but [I was] thinking, I’m going to raise this child — she’s my baby, I love her.

Months Later Emily had a baby girl

I spent a week or so with her and through that time I’m realizing I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I don’t see myself being able to give this little baby everything. I didn’t have the resources… And as I looked at her and I thought, she deserves the world and I will do whatever possible to give her the world.

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