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The journey of a birthmom Part Two of Emily's Story

“Watching her go to her forever family was heartbreaking… but I have never been so thankful for her parents.” Emily found a home for her child through JFJ Hope Centre.

Emily tells what it was like to watch her child grow up in another home, while growing as a person herself.  This is part two – for part one, click here.

Emily tells her own story:

When she was born, I was looking at her little face and thinking “I love this baby so, so much and I have nothing to give her.”

Emily chose adoption for her baby girl

Watching her go to her forever family was heartbreaking, but I’ve never been so thankful for her parents. I’ve definitely been able to witness my daughter grow up through open adoption and that is just such a blessing. Every time we get pictures, it just makes my day.

I was there when she was learning to walk and that is just such a cool experience. As a birth mother you’re worried that you’re going to miss out on all these things – well, I didn’t. I got to see her learning to walk, I got to see her learning to talk.

Every year that goes by I find I grow more as a person. At first, I think you really define yourself as a birth mother, and I am very proud to be a birth mother. But at first you are very stuck in “this is who I am, this is what I’ve done; I’m the girl that gave the baby away.” And now, I’m at a place almost six years later where it doesn’t define me anymore. I’m a student, I’m a daughter, I have so many more things going for me other than just being the girl that made an adoption plan. Each year the pain is different and it does get a little bit easier.

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