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Top 10 Crazy Pregnancy Cravings

“You ate what with what?”  Pregnancy is a weird and wonderful time, and that little one inside will drive you to the kitchen at all times of the day to satisfy cravings you never knew were possible.  We’ve listed just ten of the stranger ones we’ve run into, both inside and outside of the PCC.

We present The Ultimate Pregnancy Cookbook.  Where will your cravings take you today?

  1. Large quantities of ice & polo mints
  2. “One medium-rare steak – but hold the steak and just give me the fat!”
  3. Chicken-flavoured pot noodles
  4. Sand, gravel & dirt: we’ve heard of some women craving to bury their hands in dirt, possibly to satisfy mineral needs.  Eventually the child was caught gulping dirt herself – so perhaps it was hereditary?
  5. Iceberg lettuce lightly dusted with sugar
  6. A steady diet of tomato soup
  7. Something "greasy and filling:" burgers, Chinese food and spinach dip
  8. Lemons, lemon juice and more lemons
  9. The special pickles section:

Pickles wrapped in cheese
Pickle juice
Pickles & bacon
Pickles dipped in ice cream

10.  And the one that really takes the cake: black olives on Sara Lee cheesecake

Well that’s a real smorgasbord of cravings!  As this article explains though, cravings aren’t simply just your body or mind playing tricks on you: they can actually be your body telling you – in no uncertain way – that it’s needing a certain nutrient.  So grab those pickles, add your own unique condiment and eat up!

Sources: our friends at the PCC, babycenter.com & babycentre.co.uk

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