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Two Pink Lines A single Christian girl discovers she is pregnant

Kate-Lynn is a friend of the PCC.  Two minutes of talking with her will show the two loves in her life: Jesus, and her little boy Theon whose name means “godly.”  She’s offered to share parts of her journey with us.  This scene reveals the shock — and accompanying peace — that came as she and her friend Angela watched two lines appear.

I had taken a pregnancy test before.  That time it came back negative, and I remembered there being no indication of two lines as soon as I emptied by bladder onto the test.  When I took the test this time, I saw a hint of two lines immediately.  “Dang it” is what went through my head.  I put the test down and waited like I was supposed to.  Angela was nearby.  The whole time I pretty much knew the results, but I just wanted to wait and make sure.

When the time came to check the test, we both looked at it…  two lines – one bold, one faint.  I already knew what it meant, but Angela was confused.  I showed her the instructions and told her, “I’m pregnant.”  I just looked at her blankly.  All the while I’m asking myself, how do I react?  How should I feel?  Should I be happy?  I kinda want to cry… no, I refuse to cry right now.  What am I supposed to do?

Immediately a line from one of my favourite songs, Cares Chorus, came to mind, “And any time I don’t know what to do, I will cast all my cares upon You.”

I thought to myself, “I need to pray.  I want to pray.”  But off we went to our kickboxing class…  On our way to the class, I showed Angela another song How Great is the Love.  As it was playing, I was singing to myself.  Somewhere along the way, I got overwhelmed as I thought about God’s love and pictured Him embracing me.  I broke down into tears.  I eventually decided I didn’t want to go to our class anymore, so we went to Lakeshore and sat on the beach.  I shared something from Hosea with her and she eventually said, “OK, I’m going to pray.”  I was so relieved.

Many tears were shed as we prayed.  I wasn’t mad.  I wasn’t upset.  I wasn’t distraught that life as I knew it was over.  I wasn’t necessarily scared either.  I was overwhelmed to an extent. I was pregnant and I understood that.  I wasn’t going to argue with God and ask, “why me?!”  I just asked God to help me to do what I needed to do because I didn’t know what to do.  I asked God to help me raise this baby.  I asked God to prepare my parents’ heart for the news I was going to bring them.  And I asked God to use everything for His glory.

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