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Shining moments of 2014

In celebration of this passing year, we’ve asked some of the women who’ve come to us to share their all-around favourite moment of 2014.  Hope you enjoy these and find them encouraging!

When my son came out of the hospital after three months in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  He’s now six months old.

We have a tradition of making a wish on New Year's eve in Russia. So I did – I wanted a miracle in my life in 2014. Within a month, I realized that I was pregnant! I was so surprised! 🙂 Sometimes, when I need a miracle, I look into my son's eyes and realize that I've already created one. This year was a year of expectation, and finally a new chapter of my life started! Thank you PCC for your support – love you all 🙂 ~ Anna

I was taking [my baby girl] for a walk in the hospital.  When I reached the elevator, I set off all the alarms, and nurses and security came running, yelling, “Ma’am, put the baby down!  Ma’am, put the baby down!”  They checked my baby’s tag and escorted me back to my room.  ~ our very bubbly Irene

When I saw my baby for the first time.  We went to the ultrasound, and it was so little.  I felt a shiver in my body and tears ran down my face.  Another beautiful moment was when I started to feel her [my baby] too.” ~ Lorena

My favourite moment of 2014 was my son’s birth – it was breath-taking.  After I had my first son, I didn’t think I would fuss much over this one, but I fell in love all over again!  ~Vanesta

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