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God had already forgiven me Janice’s Story, Part II

In the second part of her story, Janice shares her journey through the pain of abortion to healing and forgiveness. Click here for part one.

In part one, Janice shared her struggle with abortion.

“It’s eleven years before I actually came to the Pregnancy Care Centre. And I didn’t realize that I was still battling with it, or feeling ashamed about it, or even pushing it aside.

The first time I came in, I was almost thinking, “Why am I here? This is not for me – I’m OK, I’m good, I got over this; I’ve prayed, I’ve dealt with it, you know? I don’t think I should be sitting here. I don’t think I fall into this category anymore.” That’s what I was thinking, initially. But as we started doing the exercises more and more, and I was asking myself the questions, I realized I’m exactly where I need to be.

Did you find healing?

I did. Definitely. I think forgiveness was a huge, huge part of that. Forgiving myself, and knowing that God had already forgiven me, a long time ago. But because I hadn’t looked at it, been honest with what I actually did, faced it, and accepted [God’s] forgiveness, I’d been walking around with that for a long time.

One of the exercises that we did in [the post-abortion program] was a Bible scripture on first Corinthians 13. It talks about love. And we had to put “our heavenly father” in where it said “love.” And I realized how much God loved me, just doing that exercise. And so that’s when I really stopped and received the forgiveness that he was trying to offer me all these years.

Are you glad your son is in your life?

Oh my goodness – yes. I love him, he’s the best. He tells me every day, “Mommy, I love you. Mommy, you’re so beautiful – do you know that? You should model.” And I’m like, “I’m keeping you around – you’re good for me.” Yeah, he’s the best.

Special thanks to Toyin Dada and Samuel Robertson of The Love Movement for permission to use this music.

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