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Unexpected Lessons from an Unplanned Pregnancy I birthed more than a child - I birthed a new perspective

Excerpt taken from Mom.me.

Pregnancy doesn’t always happen when you want it to happen. For many women, learning of an unexpected pregnancy can leave them feeling very overwhelmed and alone and brings up the inevitable question “Why me?”. For Michelle Horton getting pregnant at 21 was not in her plans. She writes:

Besides fear, I felt anger. Betrayal, even. How could I—a good girl with plans and goals, who used birth control, who deserved to succeed—get pregnant? The A+ report cards, the unpaid internship hours, the dreams I spent years concocting and executing, all evaporated. How could there be fairness in the universe? I may have been carrying another life inside of me, but I felt more alone than ever.

Michelle goes on to describe the lessons she learned from an unexpected pregnancy and how her little surprise bundle changed her life for the better. You can read her story here

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