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When you can’t speak… Sing! The Thing Is, I Stutter

In life, when in the face of adversity, we all tend to respond by denying, running or dealing with it head on. Megan Washington is a singer and songwriter based in Australia, who has had a lifelong challenge of stuttering. She courageously chose the third option, and wound up surprising everyone when she opened her mouth to sing. Singing enabled her to communicate in a different way and unlocked an ability she never knew she had. “Singing for me is sweet relief,” Megan says. “It is the only time when I feel when I feel fluent.”

Watch this video to see how a woman makes gradual changes to her life with the purpose, not to ”cure” her stuttering, but rather to learn to live with it; and ultimately to own it.

Life constantly throws us curve balls – that’s a given. The question is not “why me?” but “how will I respond to this?” 

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