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Changing Obstacles into Opportunities Nick Vujicic on overcoming hopelessness

Nick Vujicic was born with major “obstacles”: he was born without any limbs. As a child he faced major hardship from his peers, despite the love and encouragement he received from his parents. But Nick says that when you listen to lies, you are your biggest discourager. Nick believed the lies he told himself… “No woman will ever love you. You’ll never be a capable father. No one will ever hire you.”

After hitting rock bottom, he was faced with a choice: to be angry for what he didn’t have or thankful for what he did have. He decided to view his obstacles as opportunities. Nick did not choose the easy way out. He faced his struggles head on. Nick is now married with two sons. He owns two businesses, and is known by a billion people worldwide for his encouraging story. Has his circumstance changed? No, Nick is still limbless! But his attitude has, by the power of one choice.

What obstacles are you faced with?

You can find out more about Nick Vujicic on his website, lifewithoutlimbs.org

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