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Pregnancy Toronto

The Scariest Decision of My Life

Dawn became pregnant while she was in the midst of a “deep hole” – an emotionally dark time in her life. The new burden of pregnancy felt like a disaster.

Yet as she walked through those months of pregnancy, she found new strength.  She cried out to God and found help, and together with her family and PCC friends, she found the courage to embrace her baby.

And where are they today?  You’ll have to hear it from her own lips:

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was actually devastated. There were a lot of worries going on in my head and thinking, “Oh Lord, why me?” It’s like, why did this happen to me? I felt very anxious at the time. I was just at my wits’ end, and that’s when my friend told me about the Pregnancy Care Centre. So I went in probably a couple of weeks later, and the people here have been very helpful. I was going through a course called the Lifeboat, and that really helped me to make a firm decision in terms of life decisions and what I want to do in regards to parenting or adoption.

Six months later, Isaiah was born.

When he was born in that hospital bed, I raised him up to the Lord and said “Lord, you take care of him. He is yours.” And I was crying with joy. Just thinking of his goodness is making me emotional – I have never had to beg for bread, I’ve never been in want.

I was at Jane and Finch Mall, and this Spanish lady was with her children. As she was about to leave, she said, “Oh, by the way, do you want this high chair for your son?” I said, “Wow!” I am thinking in my head, “you’re a total stranger, why would you offer me your high chair?” And she had a baby herself. And she said, “No, I don’t need one. I have another one at home.” And I said, “Wow, well, God, I do need a high chair.” And I was going to buy one, talking in my head.

Well, I was a little bit apprehensive but she urged me to take it. I said, “Ok, sure, thank you. God bless you! That was so nice of you!” So you know God has just been offering me things for my baby.

Isaiah has provided new motivation.

Well, before I had him, actually, I was not really motivated to do anything really: I kept saying I was going to school and I never went. I kept saying I was going to, you know, find work, and more. I was… to be honest I was in a very dark place in my life before.

Since I had Isaiah, it’s like a little person is looking up to me – so how can I be the same person? He’s really motivated me to do better in life and to really fight for everything in life now. He’s pretty much the reason why I do things, pretty much my motivation. So I’m just so glad I have him in my life, honestly. I’m so glad, so, so happy.

My sister said the other day, “You know what, Dawn, Isaiah is such a blessing to the family.” He has a very unique character, which I really appreciate in him. He acts like he’s the next prime minister, shaking hands, going up to people, hugging people. He’s very friendly as you can see. The Lord is really doing it all for me. He’s really intervened in such a powerful way, so I feel so blessed.

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