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Childbirth, Depression, Joy

Childbirth, Depression and Finding Joy Jodi-Anne’s Story, Part Two

In part one, Jodi-Anne shared her difficult decision to carry her pregnancy, despite the abandonment of her family. Months later she gave birth to beautiful baby Athena and plunged into deep depression. Here is her journey out of it and into her present joy.

Jodi-Anne shares her story.

I’m not losing the baby. The baby’s going to be here. The baby’s going to grow. I’ll figure it out.

I got a job, I worked. And then I was living with a friend, sleeping on the floors, and trying to figure out, “Ok, what am I going to do? Where is this baby going to live? Where is this baby going to thrive?” And then I found a place. I had my baby; she was 41 weeks… (Laughs) Didn’t want to come out!

Jodi-Anne felt like she was on her own.

I went into the deepest part of depression that I’ve ever been in… I would never wish that on anyone. And I was calling around, I was calling around, and someone told me about the Pregnancy Care Centre. And I called and went in and I met Linda. And she was the sweetest, sweetest person I’ve met.

And just based on the way she explained God to me and that I wasn’t lost… Yes I sinned and I acknowledged that I did sin, because I’m a Christian. And I do believe, you know, there should be some redemption. But everybody made it seem like there’s none, like I was completely gone, that was it. And she made me see that it doesn’t matter what anybody else says, it’s what God says.

You know what? Four years later, I finished school. I went two years and she just started kindergarten. So I’m extremely excited and it was like the best decision I’ve made in my life. She makes me smile every morning and every night before I go to bed.

Athena, Jodi-Anne’s daughter, joins her mom.

Interviewer: What’s your name?

Athena: Athena.

Interviewer: Athena? Yeah? And how old are you?

Athena: Four!

Jodi-Anne: I’m proud to say I’m a mom.

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