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Teen pregnancy

I call her my miracle baby Mery Helene’s Story, Part 2

In part one, Mery Helene shared with us the shock of discovering she was pregnant at 17 years old. Here this teen mom shares how her “miracle baby” helped her leave behind an unhealthy lifestyle to want so much more for herself and her child.

Mery Helene tells her own story

“So when you live in Dominican, and you live in the village, it’s hard for people not to know your business. So they really knew I was pregnant before I even knew I was pregnant. So everybody started talking about it. My mom was like, “You know what, just keep your head high. There’s no problem – there’s other people who have been through worse things than you, and just because you’re pregnant, you’re not the first one or the last one.”

They returned to Canada when Mery Helene was seven months pregnant.

“So my OHIP was expired. And I went to go see if I could renew it…. But you had to wait at least three months. And I’m like, “I can’t wait that long. I’m going to have a baby soon!” Thank God that one day we got a call. So they said, “we have great news for you. You’re going to get your OHIP and your daughter’s OHIP in a week!”

“And I’m like “Oh thank God!” And I said, “Wow, this is so good for me, because I wasn’t expecting to get OHIP for three months, but they sent it to me in a week!” And my mom was crying so much because she’s like, “You see what God does for you?!”

Baby Hadassah was born in August, 2014.

“I call her a miracle baby because the doctor said the pills didn’t do anything to her. And she survived every little thing that happened to me.

“She changed my life in so many ways. I used to… before, you know, my life wasn’t really established. Well, my mom is a Christian. She’d always pray for me. I was in my different way, and she would try to lead me to one path. But I just went my own way.

“I’m not Christian but I’ve seen that God has saved me from a lot of death. A lot of things that would have been happening to me, like the people who I used to hang out with – I look at them now, and I’m like, “Wow, that’s where I would have ended up in if I would have still been that person.” She’s changed my life.

“Since I became pregnant, people would say to me, “you want to go smoke weed?” I would have this nauseous feeling… and I’m like, “Please don’t even mention that word to me!”

“After that, I’ve been a different person. I have learned what responsibility is, what being a mother is. She changed my life in a way that I never thought it would be. Like, wow, she like turned my world upside down. And I thank her for that, and I thank God for it. He knows why He gave me my child early. He knows why He wanted me to have that child at that time. If I didn’t have a child, I don’t think I would even be sitting here.

“After [finishing high school] I want to take a year off to spend time with my daughter. Then after, I’ll probably go to college or university. It depends on where you can study sign language. I want to help out people who can’t hear or can’t talk…

… so I can give her the best future she can have.

Special thanks to Toyin Dada and Samuel Robertson of The Love Movement for permission to use this music. 

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