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My Parents’ Reaction Changed Everything: Emery’s Story Pt. 2 A secret uncovered would change the course of her life forever

After being submerged in an unhealthy lifestyle of partying and living for the moment, Emery found herself pregnant. The fear that her parents would see this different life she was leading brought her to believing abortion was her best option. After her parents found out unexpectedly, Emery’s decision drastically changed. Be sure to check out Part 1 of Emery’s story, where she talks about her battle with temptation.

Emery Tells Pt. 2 of Her Story

“It was twelve years ago and I was 17 going on 18. I was going to college and exploring everything and I was working also at the time. So, I just found myself pregnant after being in a kind of ‘party’ lifestyle and just doing what I wanted and living for myself.

I was really terrified to tell my parents just because they were Christians and I had put up kind of this lifestyle or image that maybe they thought that I led them to believe that I was leading. They didn’t really know any of what was going on with me unfortunately. I was just really fearful of telling them that, so that really drove me to consider an abortion.

And so I was ready to go in. Even though I knew and I had learned about abortion and what it entailed. Out of the fear I just pushed all of that to the side, and so I was ready to do that and I told my friend, and she told her parents, and her parents called my parents. Then my parents found out. So, that’s not always how you want your parents to find out information about you.

They just brought me into the room and asked me if it was true, I said it is– sobbing and wiping my tears. They said, “we really don’t want you to go through with an abortion but ultimately it’s your choice, but doing this would really hurt us and obviously it would really hurt your baby.”

It just really weighed on me but once they knew– because that was my big secret and fear– once that was gone, I found the reason for an abortion was gone too.”




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