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“My Parents Completely Turned Around” Simone’s Story She feared rejection if she chose life for baby-- she never expected this kind of embrace.

When Simone found out she was pregnant, she was terrified of how her family and friends would react. She feared the rejection she might experience if she chose to embrace her pregnancy. After listening to a still small voice telling her it would all be okay, Simone experienced an unexpected amount of support from those around her.

Simone’s Story:

“I mean, I was just in shock because for one I didn’t know [I was pregnant] until I went to the doctors, then I just didn’t know what I was going to do cause I know how my parents are. At the time I was living with my dad, so I didn’t know how he was going to react. It was scary. Then [I thought] where was I going to go? My parents didn’t like the guy I was dealing with, so no one wanted to keep me because they don’t like the guy or the decisions I would make. So, no one wanted to keep me and the father was just crazy. I just know he wouldn’t step up.

Adoption, Abortion or Parenting?

I was looking at all of them but then, I mean, I knew it wasn’t right so I didn’t go down the abortion path, and adoption– I couldn’t do it. So in my head I thought, ‘I’m forced to keep the baby’, but how am I going to take care of a whole other life if I can hardly take care of myself? With my child’s father, I was so stressed out because there were people coming to attack me from his side. It was constant harassment. It felt like hell.

My dad didn’t like him at all or how he was treating me, and he basically went to the house and spoke to him and tried to see if he was going to step up and do what he was supposed to do. My dad was trying to teach me more what a good man is and what I need to be focused on.

[Meanwhile] I had something in my head telling me to just have the baby and everything is going to be okay. I guess the voice was God telling me it was going to be okay. Yeah– He had a better plan. I got support from you guys and my mom was very supportive as well. With my dad– at first he wasn’t supportive but then he came around.

[Holding Christiana] was the best feeling ever. I was crying, it was just amazing. I can’t believe I had a baby… I can’t believe she’s mine! My mom especially is just overjoyed, you would think it was her baby. I just want to thank you guys for the help and the support, because it was really helpful to me.

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