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A Message of HOPE Lyne and Eric's Story

When Lyne found out she was pregnant, she was terrified and didn’t know where to turn. She felt she was facing this all alone and sought support from the PCC. In the midst of fear, worry and loneliness Lyne soon found HOPE at the Pregnancy Care Centre.

Lyne’s Story:

“So I found I was pregnant very unexpectedly…and I was terrified and overwhelmed. I had no idea what decision to make,
I had so many things running through my head. I was living a different lifestyle very motivated by substances and
trying to cope with life and I needed help doing that.”

“I googled “I am pregnant and scared in Toronto, I don’t know what to do” and the Pregnancy Care Centre came up! While looking through the website I saw the “I am not alone and were here to help” and that they offered discussions on all the options that you are thinking about when you’re pregnant: abortion adoption, keeping it …and I figured it would be a good place to start.”

“I came with an open mind hoping to just vent it all out to someone who might have something to throw back at me
There was no judgement. It was a calm inviting environment where I could just talk about the way that I felt and I was understood It was not abnormal … it was comfortable. It was very comfortable.”

“I ultimately thought I was facing this alone. I was not technically in a relationship with anybody and our situation was very complicated. It really kind of helped me realise that with or without him, I really wanted to do this and that him coming around would be a bonus. and I scored a big bonus because he did end up coming around and not too much time after the fear for him subsided.”

Eric’s Thoughts:
“I thought it was very important that Lyne had a place to fall back on…It was very fortunate that she found that in a time where I wasn’t prepared to do the things I needed to do to support her. It gave her mind somewhere to go and people to talk to. And without that, obviously you never know where you can end up.”

“Around Christmas, the PCC throws a Christmas party for all the people that they’re helping and we both went. And it was an opportunity for everybody to meet Eric which I thought was great. It was such a well-organised event. We got to socialise with other parents and other future parents and were generously gifted wonderful Christmas presents for our upcoming baby.”

“I am unbelievably grateful for all the support the Pregnancy Care Centre has offered us – both individually and as a family. There are so many outlets that have helped changed the course of my life and our life. It’s unbelievable what can happen in a year when you’re surrounded by people who want to help and help you make the best decisions for yourself and for the life that you want – not necessarily the life that you have, that you think you might be stuck with because that’s how I felt. My life is completely different now and I love it!”

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