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“It Was the Lowest Point of My Life” Vulnerable, confused, and desperate, Mary did not know what to do next with her life.

 “When I came over, life took another direction.” Educated in Ethics and Human Rights Law, Mary sought to upgrade her education and build a new life in Canada. “I came to Canada from Uganda, as an international student. The friend who helped me come over was not willing to take me in, and there […]

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Financial Instability: What Options Do I Have?

Meet Alex and Jenny, a beautiful couple who are filled with joy and thanks for all the support they received during their pregnancy. Jenny was in Canada on a student visa without insurance while Alex was struggling to find employment. When they discovered that Jenny was pregnant they were overcome with worries and fears. What […]

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Making Good Decisions

By Christina Morrison, volunteer for the Pregnancy Care Centre Each and every day we are forced to make choices. These choices can be simple, such as what to eat for breakfast, or they can be complicated, such as what career to choose. The choices we make often go on to produce a ripple effect in […]

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Ordinary Angels

For those difficult days… this song may be a lift, reminding you of the many different ways God reaches out. Just because God doesn’t part the sea, pull you from the fire, doesn’t mean that He’s not there; His fingerprints are everywhere.  

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