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Our Sexual Integrity Presentation for Schools

Our Sexual Integrity presentation aims to create a safe, caring environment that promotes dialogue with your students about sex and relationships. Through group discussion and interactive activities, students discover that sexual relationships can have a significant influence on their lives – not just for the present, but for many years to come. We explore why sexual communication will have the most positive impact when they are in a committed long-term relationship.

How Can We Help You and Your Students?

  • Talking about the difficult issues surrounding an unexpected pregnancy
  • Exploring how waiting to have sex in a committed relationship is a healthy choice that protects their future
  • Encouraging students to talk to their parents about sex, dating, and relationships
  • Helping students think about how their relationships choices can influence their dreams for the future
  • Explaining the free and confidential services of the Pregnancy Care Centre, including pregnancy tests and options information

What Are Other Teachers Saying?

“Very interactive, relevant to the course and curriculum. Positive class involvement. You made my students think outside the box.”- Grade 11 Teacher

“Very effective. Students were engaged because the information was pertinent for them.”- Grade 10 Health Teacher

What Are Other Students Saying?

“I would bring my friends to this presentation because it is very informative and can help them before they make a negative decision.”

“The information I heard today will affect my future decisions as it really made me realize that it is important to wait to have sex and that I don’t need to rush with any of my relationships.”

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Would you like to have a Sexual Integrity presentation in your classroom? This presentation is free of charge. To book a presentation, please contact us.