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I Think I Want an Abortion


You may have never thought about abortion before, at least not for you. Now you’re pregnant and you have so many questions like:

  • What types of abortions are there?
  • Are there any risks?

In a private appointment at the Pregnancy Care Centre, you can find the information you need.

Our services are strictly confidential and free of charge. We are not a medical facility and do not refer for or perform abortions. We are here to support you during your decision-making process in a caring and non-judgmental environment.

Take the time to be informed of all the options and make the decision that you can live with.

How can I make an appointment? Call 416-229-2607 or email info@pregnancycarecentre.org now!

Are you unsure of your decision?

A new service that may help you is a decision-making tool called My Decision Aid. Using an electronic device in our office, you can work through guided questions as you weigh your pregnancy options.

This tool was developed through evidence-based research from others who have faced unexpected pregnancies, and will help you identify areas of stress, pressure and gaps in your information. We hope it will give you clarity as you make your decision.

Call us today and tell us you’re interested in My Decision Aid.