Local Pregnancy Support Teams

The community of Toronto wants you to thrive. The Pregnancy Care Centre has a volunteer network connected to local churches across Toronto that enable the PCC to offer a wider range of support.  We want women and their families to thrive and to be connected to people who care. Having supportive relationships with others in your local neighbourhood can make a big difference.


iningingThese volunteers have helped women and their families with tasks that can feeling overwhelming on their own.  We strive to make connections that are practical and meaningful. Here are some ways our volunteers have helped: researching housing options, helping to fill out complicated documents, support when looking for employment, meeting for coffee, helping clean and get ready for baby, hospital visits, introducing individuals and families to others in her church, inviting them to the Christmas celebration, having a baby shower, and help in locating baby items.

Photos of Community

Contact us to see how you can get connected to a local support team in your area.