We are here for you.

We are a student group on campus who are passionate about helping our fellow students thrive in an educational environment by supporting their needs. If you or someone you know are facing an unexpected pregnancy, or are pregnant and need support, we would love to hear from you and see how we can help.

Services and Activities:

  • Confidential emotional support
  • Help creating a parenting plan while you continue with your education
  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Confidential support and mentoring
  • Educational meetings
  • Providing connections to community resources and services
  • Club promotion throughout campus

RPC’s Values:


Inclusive. We will provide support to ALL students no matter their race, religion, gender or political views.

Courageous. We will be courageous as well as instill courage in those who continue their pregnancy while in school

Compassionate. We are compassionate towards all students and will support their decisions and choices during their pregnancy.

About the Ryerson Pregnancy Care Group

Who we are: The Ryerson Pregnancy Care group is a student organization affiliated with the Pregnancy Care Centre that exists to create an educational environment that is accepting and supportive of pregnant students. RPC’s mission is to provide resources and support to help anyone continue with their education during their pregnancy.
Why we exist: there has been an identified lack of resources for pregnant students on the Ryerson campus. In an article published by the Ryersonian, Sestanj (2014) stated, “A quick online search for Ryerson services to support pregnant students yields absolutely nothing”. Therefore, our goal is to address this issue of pregnant students lacking the resources and support they need to feel empowered and to make informed decisions. Specifically, many of the RPC’s services are designed to equip those who want to carry their pregnancy to term, but who might otherwise feel unable to do so due to educational and other life circumstances.


What can a student expect when setting up an appointment?
RPC provides a non-judgmental atmosphere in which a student is able to receive practical help, accurate information, and emotional support to make informed decisions throughout their pregnancy. Appointments can be made by sending a text message to 647-505-8390 or by email to rpc@ryerson.ca. Once you text or email and make an appointment, one of the RPC team members will respond by setting up an appointment time and place to meet. A student team member and the Pregnancy Care Centre’s Campus Outreach Coordinator will listen to learn how we can best support you.
Why is RPC affiliated with the Pregnancy Care Centre?
The RPC has formed an affiliation with the Pregnancy Care Centre in order to benefit from their experience and resources. The Pregnancy Care Centre is a Christian non-profit organization offering practical, emotional, and spiritual support to all those affected by a crisis pregnancy in Toronto. The RPC, however, has no formal religious affiliation and like the Pregnancy Care Centre serves all pregnant students, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political views.
Since you are not medical professionals, how can I trust the information?
The RPC is committed to providing accurate information under the supervision of the Pregnancy Care Centre. The resource booklets provided to students about pregnancy related options have been peer-reviewed by Canadian physicians for accuracy in order to empower people to make an informed decision about their pregnancy.
Is the RPC a Pro-Life Organization?
The RPC does not hold or promote any political views and does not participate in any political protests on or off of the Ryerson campus. Instead, we aim to empower individuals with the accurate information, practical help, and emotional support they need throughout their pregnancy. The Ryerson Pregnancy Care Group provides those resources and support to help anyone continue with their education during their pregnancy. Furthermore, RPC does not use or support the use of graphic images of abortion. We exist to offer loving and non-judgmental support, regardless of the choices they make regarding their pregnancy.
Does the RPC provide abortion services?
The RPC does not offer any specific medical services, including abortion. The purpose of our organization is to create a supportive environment on campus that empowers people who choose to continue their pregnancy while continuing their education. Our group is not designed to provide abortions. It is designed to facilitate decision-making, provide support, and to care for the person through that process. Our goal is to address the specific issue of individuals feeling the power of choice is taken from them because they are lacking resources and support, specifically, for those who want to carry out their pregnancy.
Do you support people who choose abortion?
We support any pregnant student regardless of their pregnancy decisions. We recognize and respect the rights of students to make their own decisions, whether that is to have an abortion, place their child for adoption, or to carry their pregnancy to term. We do discuss ALL options our students are considering, including abortion, and offer post abortion support to anyone who decides to discontinue their pregnancy. The majority of services and resources we offer, however, reflect the needs of those who continue with their pregnancy, thus aligning with our group’s vision and mission.
Reference: Sestanj (2014). Support for women lacking in abortion debate [article published in the Ryersonian]Retrieved from http://ryersonian.ca/support-for-women-lacking-in-abortion-debate/

Comments from the Ryerson Community:


“My mom had me while she was in college, and what RPC is doing is really great.”

“I wish this group had been there when I was a student at Ryerson and I was pregnant.”

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