We want you to thrive in community

We envision a city where no woman faces an unexpected pregnancy alone; where every mother and father has access to care, support, and community; and where parents and their unborn children are treasured by all.

At the Pregnancy Care Centre Toronto we have a strong base of support in the community.  Our extensive volunteer network with connection to area churches enables us to offer a wide range of options for support referrals.  We want women and their families to thrive and get connected to people who care. Friendships and supportive relationships with others in your neighbourhood can make a big difference.

Pregnancy Care Centre Toronto is a Christian charitable organization registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency. We are a Christian non-profit, non-political, charitable organization providing compassionate care to women and families facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Community Connections

Connection to a Local Church

Connections Within My Ethnic Community

Ways the Community Helps

What are some of the ways our volunteers have helped others?  Because our circumstances are unique we try to work with each individual to make the connections that are their priorities.  Here are some of the ways our volunteers have helped: research housing options, help in filling out documents, support when looking for employment, meeting for coffee, helping clean and get ready for baby, hospital visit, introducing me to others in her church, inviting me to the Christmas celebration, having a baby shower, help in locating baby items.

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Here’s what others have said:

“I felt like I was connected to a big support network”  (Abigail)

“They helped me move”

“I feel part of their community”

“The people in my church are so kind and welcoming to me and my family”

How can you get connected to volunteers in your community?

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